Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Local Heroes at Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre

Review for Silver Arts Award

I went to see a live show at Hartlepool Town Hall theatre called Local Heroes. The Reason I went to see Local Heroes is because it was hosted and developed by young people.
The play was about the Bombardment of Hartlepool. The bombardment of Hartlepool was a tragic moment in Hartlepool’s history. On the 16th of December 1914, the German Navy bombed the town on a misty morning as children were getting up for school and adults getting up for work.
The play was split into two acts. On set in a local cafe in Hartlepool just before the bombs hit, the second was set in the trenches to show how the soldiers felt and what the war was like.
I quite enjoyed the play “Local Heroes” because it made me think about how the soldiers may have felt during war. I felt like I understood how they felt thanks to the characters and the storylines. I also liked the costumes; they seemed so realistic and interesting.
The whole play was scripted and acted by young people which was very impressive given how serious a subject war is.
I would recommend the play to anyone because it was good and for anyone in school who is studying history as it’s a good way to learn about the war.

By Lizzie 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Arts Award Part B Discussion

Young people who’ve been taking part in The Exchanging Notes music project went to The Sage Gateshead to see an Afro Beat band called Seun Kuti & the Egypt 80.
The performance was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the young musicians and group discussions after the visit were full of positive and interesting comments.

“The atmosphere was very loud and full of excitement and energy. I liked seeing the live band because it was very full on.”

 “I would recommend it to others because they enjoyed themselves and stuck to the African tradition in a unique way.”

When I asked what people thought about The Sage Gateshead they said it was amazing, class, impressive and beautiful.
The young people described the performance as fun, energetic and vibrant they said “they were enthusiastic and it kept you interested. It was a great performance with lots of skill.” They also said “It was political, talking about racism, there were reasons behind all the songs.”

I asked the young musicians what the band was like and they told me;
“The band had a jazzy side to it because there were saxophones and instruments like that. They also had traditional African instruments.”
“All of the musicians had an equal part to play to create the sound. You could tell that they thought this was important because they introduced each of the band members at the start of the performance.”
What the young people liked best;
“I liked the dancers because they had really interesting costumes, jewellery and face paint. They were celebrating the fact that they were African.”
“The music because you could hear each musician; it was well balanced.”
“I liked how they had a reason for each song they made.”
“I liked the percussionists; it was a really synchronised performance.”
“I liked how they were all enjoying themselves and dancing about.”
Community Musician Liz Corney has been leading workshops with the young people joined in the discussion, she said “They sounded like they really enjoyed it; a completely different musical experience to what they usually have.”

Exchanging Notes aims to broaden young people’s horizons; the visit has certainly achieved this.

Tim Coyte Exchanging Notes Project Co-ordinator

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Theatre review- Gatecrash- Hartlepool Town Hall

Review of Gatecrash at Hartlepool Town Hall

The event we went to was Gatecrash at Hartlepool Town Hall.
Gatecrash was a surprise party for Sam that didn’t exactly work out.
I had expected to watch a play but instead I was actually involved in the set. This was not what I expected due to Gatecrash being at the theatre. We were given a set of headphones to listen to the main characters conversations as well as listening to the party music. This kept you updated with what was happening in the set.
Gatecrash had 5 main characters. These were, Jazz (Melissa Grace), Imogen (Lydia Lakemoore), Jonno (Luke Vernon), Sam (Alex Harvey Sporle) and Rachael (Amy Forde).  All of the actors were really good and very convincining.
Jazz is Sam’s sister who organised the surprise party. Jazz really likes Jonno. Imogen has feelings for Jonno. Jonno is a big headed guy who liked to cheat and flirt with girls. Sam is the birthday boy whose birthday was ruined by what happened at the party.
Overall, I think that Gatecrash was a very enjoyable event that portrayed really well what would happen at a party if the wrong people were invited.
I would rate this performance as 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to everyone.


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Review of Gatecrash at Hartlepool Town Hall

20th October 2014 at Hartlepool Town Hall
Me and my friends attended an interactive theatre performance by Zest Theatre.
It was based around a boy’s house party, and the consequences that come with teenagers and alcohol are not good.
I went to the event not really knowing what was going to happen- I thought I was going to the theatre and sitting down to watch a show, but I was very wrong!

The production was fully interactive, the characters and actors involved you fully, it was a good time!


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Town Hall Theatre -Gatecrash review

Review of Gatecrash @ Hartlepool Town Hall

Review of Gatecrash @ Hartlepool Town Hall

We went to a theatre and thought we were going to watch a play. We were led through a door and spoke to a member of the crew and then we were handed a pair of wireless headphones.
This was my introduction to GATECRASH.
It was an interactive play. As soon as we entered the house we were part of the story.
The headphones were used to listen to different characters and follow their different conversations around the room.
The character I listened to was Sam, who was the main character and whose birthday we were supposed to be celebrating, however, Sam wasn’t happy!
I tried to listen more around Sam but I kept getting distracted by a loud, flirty and apparently drunk character called Jonno.
His idea of being at a party had been chatting up as many girls as possible. He was quite aggressive and full-on!
I thought I was going to be quiet and not take part but it didn’t turn out that way and everyone was involved in some way,
I was busy switching between conversations...Jonno with different female characters or Sam and Jazz having brother and sister arguments.
I thought it was unique, entertaining and energetic. It had more drama than an episode of Hollyoaks.
I definitely think that other people should go to take part in Sam’s house party if they get the chance.

-          By Naomi